A String of Pearls


January 15, 2023 Charlotte Fryer Episode 6
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All roads lead to Rome.

0:00:53.4 Charlotte: I believe destiny is what we choose to live out in this given lifetime. I'm passionate about the fact that we are not victims here. I believe that prior to this lifetime, we made certain choices about what it was that we wanted to experience in this particular incarnation, I believe that destiny is very much about one's evolution of consciousness, and so as each lifetime is experienced, the theme of that lifetime expands and typically the expansion of the theme is in the direction of creativity and contribution and service. As we become more evolved, that is more of our primary instinct is to give.


0:02:01.5 Charlotte: And so destiny, I believe, is a pre-chosen roadmap that includes many different facets, it includes what, for instance, gender we're gonna be, what country are we gonna be born in, what socially economic class are we gonna start out in, what potential cultural or religious influences are we going to be exposed to in our early life, what skills or particular gifts are we going to choose to have in our higher self and contrary to that or in unison to that, what particular challenges are we going to face both within ourself, maybe with certain limitations, certain insecurities, the intricacies of our ego, what is our parental model going to look like, what is our environment going to be.


0:03:01.5 Charlotte: Those things are really key. It's an architecture that is designed to facilitate the paths, the parallel paths in which we're going to have the opportunity through free will to choose to walk and to fulfill, and so destiny can for some people be of great relief, something that they're passionate about, some people feel very connected to what they are destined to do here, other people don't believe in a destiny, and then you have people somewhere in the middle where they believe, and they may have a sense of what they're destined to do or to fulfill, and yet they're afraid because when you become more attuned to yourself on a soulful level, and you get closer to an embodiment of what it is that you are here to be and to give and to share, that then becomes a responsibility. It becomes a responsibility to fulfill. Some people are afraid of the weight of their destiny.


0:04:27.4 Charlotte: And so, I meet people where they are, when people come to work with me, I meet with them wherever it is that they are in relation to how purposeful they feel their life is, and how connected they are to living into that purpose, their ultimate destiny.

Destiny as a choice
Destiny and the evolution of consciousness
Expansion of destiny towards greater contribution
The unique roadmap of our destiny
Architecture for navigating ones pathway
Destiny, relief or responsibility?
Fear of destiny and the embodiment of purpose
Meeting you where you are in your relationship with destiny
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