A String of Pearls


January 16, 2023 Charlotte Fryer Episode 7
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The everything of nothing.

0:00:53.3 Charlotte: I believe consciousness is the central sensory, creative intelligence behind all things. I believe that consciousness is the nothingness behind the everything. When you think of everything that exists in this world, before it existed, before it became a something, it was a nothing. And what was that? What was that intangible, indescribable, immeasurable force or source that brought into being everything that we experience? To me, that is consciousness. Consciousness is the invisible, the ever-powerful DNA that threads its way through all things. It is alive and ever-expanding. Consciousness, I experience it not unlike breath.

0:02:07.8 Charlotte: When you think of breath as a rhythm, you inhale and you exhale. And I tie that together with that nothingness and that something. When we inhale, we're bringing in the everything, and then as we exhale, we're expanding out, and not unlike the tides, not unlike the seasons. Everything in nature has an expansion and a collapsing, an expansion and a collapsing, not unlike the ego, that dies a death a million times. It is a source of force that experiences itself at its maximum potential, only then to breathe in, to collapse, to return to nothing, to regroup, recalibrate and then breathe back out again into its greatest expression.

0:03:11.4 Charlotte: And to think that we are separate from consciousness is somewhat ridiculous to me because you cannot take consciousness out. Consciousness is everything, every little tiny particle of energy is at its pith consciousness. And so whether we as beings in our human condition believe in consciousness or whether we are experiencing a relationship with consciousness really is immaterial because it's happening anyway. It's not immaterial I shouldn't say, it's not immaterial in the quality of one's life. The degree of evolution that one is gonna experience, and yet, given that we are made of consciousness, there is a desire to return to it. Whether that is something that's pursued actively or not, again, it's that expansion and collapsing. There is... Simultaneous to the ego's desire to be in the driver seat is the soul's desire.

 0:04:44.8 Charlotte: Consciousness is within therefore looking for us to return unto it. It's a re-remembering. And there are moments in life where the boundaries just fall away. The feeling of time and space and the borders of things, they just fall away. And some people call that peace, stillness, mindfulness. And I think of that, think and experience that as being present to consciousness, where there is a sense of nothingness, and yet being part of everything.

Consciousness as the center of all things
Nothingness behind the everything
What was that source of intangibility that brought form into being?
Invisible thread of DNA
The breath of consciounsess
The nature of expansion and collapse
Ridiculous notion of separatism
Consciousness simply is regardless of belief
Consciousness looks for our re-remembering
Moments where everything simply falls away
What do you call this experience?
My personal experience with consciousness
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