A String of Pearls

Free Will

January 16, 2023 Charlotte Fryer Episode 8
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The journeyman of destiny.

0:00:54.7 Charlotte: Free will is the gift of choice, and I believe very much in destiny and fate, however, when working with clients, helping them to understand that even though indeed there are events, circumstances, people, place and things that we have pre-chosen to experience for the sake of learning and development ultimately, to evolve, the free will is a key. We have been given the beauty of being independent in whether or not we are ready at any given point to step into what is face it, whether we are feeling worthy enough to fulfill destiny. And given that we are of the human condition and human condition is struggling to varying degrees, at certain junctures with fear, doubt, elements of the ego that can affect timing of things. Our free will can get exercised as to whether or not at any given point in our lives, we are on the higher path or on the lower path. And that doesn't necessarily mean that we are going to then not fulfill destiny. People can get a little tripped up about the nuance of this and think, Well, if we have free will and how does that work with destiny? And I describe destiny as a roadmap. Destiny is a road map that we then navigate around.


0:02:49.1 Charlotte: When you go on a vacation, you think in terms of maybe some places of interest that you want to go to, and there are many different ways to get there, but ultimately, the destination is arrived at. And free will is the exploration. Free will is the journey, the journey of being with self, of self, and as we grow, as we heal, as we learn, as we adapt, our ability to further refine free will, it's sharpened. And that comes with wisdom. Free will is essential for us to exercise because without free will, if everything was, every tiny little thing was pre-determined and there was no instinctual element to creating one's reality, then we would really never know what it is like to be human, to make mistakes, to learn from our choices, and then perhaps we wouldn't do again. And to allow each person the right of passage to have free will, is really key in a healing process and to hold space for people, even if they themselves know or feel drawn or inspired toward a point in which where they feel, "Okay I'm destined to do something". But if they're not ready, it's working more on what is it that's in the way of their readiness than it is focusing on suppressing them and taking away their right to exercise free will free. Free will is a beautiful... It's a beautiful exploration.

Free will is the gift of choice
Independent readiness for destiny
Fear and the effect on timing
Free will to walk the higher or lower path
Nuance of free will vs. destiny
Destiny as a roadmap to the destination
Free will and the journey with self
The essential nature of free will
Individual rite of passage for greater healing
Nurturing readiness vs. suppressing free will
The beauty of exploration
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