A String of Pearls


January 16, 2023 Charlotte Fryer Episode 9
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Every second of every day you are creating, instantly.

0:00:54.8 Charlotte: The art of manifestation is something I very much enjoy working with people on. Since I was a small child I've known no different than thoughts being creative. We are manifesting every single second of the day. It's just a matter of whether you are conscious of it or not, and whether or not you're directing those manifestations, or whether you are unawares. Manifestation is the idea and process of a thought becoming a reality, and you could liken it to perception being reality, but the difference with manifestation is that to manifest is to have an intentional desire toward bringing something that currently in this moment isn't happening or doesn't yet exist, bringing it into the physical realm over a course of time, sometimes a manifestation can occur very quickly, if not that same day, whereas other manifestations, they can take years.


0:02:18.8 Charlotte: And manifestation has become something that many people are really interested in and have become much more keen about. And the nuance, often, for me when working with people is helping them understand that the degree of power behind the manifestation is not just thought alone, it's not just holding a concept of something in your mind, it's getting behind it with a feeling. So it's not enough just to think about that new job you want or to think about bringing into your life your soulmate, or making a certain amount of money, or having a dream homestead. Thinking, is sure it's indeed a part of it, but if your body, if your senses, your somatic alignment can't get connected to those thoughts, if there's doubt, if there is skepticism, if there's fear, then that's gonna create a blockage. You must believe that what it is that you are aspiring toward is possible and your body must have the buy-in to that. It's not unlike when we are young, we're more capable of living in the imaginal realm, where the likes of father Christmas and many other beautiful, magical anomalies can be felt.


0:04:10.2 Charlotte: As an adult getting back into stretching the imaginal such that we are sitting on that porch, we're sitting in that rocking chair and we can feel the breeze against us. You know, what is it we're looking at? What can we smell? You know, what are the sounds? Do we hear laughter of those that we love around? So what is it in its total experience, and where there are any doubts or fears that come up around that manifestation those can be worked with. And that's the beauty of self-awareness is to say, "Okay, what's the origin of this fear, and this doubt? And let's look to demystify it. And so, those people who may have been or are powerful manifesters, the common thread that I have found is that they no longer, excuse me, they, not only have a dream that is a part of a vision of, but they live into it as if it's happening right now. And I, most enjoy bringing people into a place where what they once thought wasn't possible, because of fear and doubt and previous programming, to a place of hope and being inspired and empowered as a creative director of their own life.

The creativity of thought
Intentional desire to bring life to something
Interest in Manifestation
Nuance of manifestation being more than just a thought
Somatic orientation must believe
Returning to the buy in we had in youth
Be in the future with all your senses
Demystifying the doubt
Common thread in powerful manifestors
Empowering the creative director within
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