A String of Pearls

Parallel Lives

January 16, 2023 Charlotte Fryer Episode 10
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Snakes and ladders of multiple choice. 

0:00:54.9 Charlotte: I do believe in parallel lives at any given moment, multiple potentials are possible, thought creates reality. And by parallel lives, I mean that even though we're present to one reality at any given time, other realities are existing and coinciding with the present reality, those realities are potentials that can be stepped into at any given time. 

0:01:16.I Charlotte: I spoke about higher and lower selves, so when we are in our highest self, when we're operating from a place of love, and in doing so, we're aligned with our greatest potential, then we are, I believe, manifesting along the higher path, the higher road, that being a reality that is laid with certain fate points, if you like destiny, that we're fulfilling.

0:01.52.4 Charlotte: And second or even third, fourth, fifth to that, because this just countless reality is that you can step into to simplify on the lower path, lower being that of our ego when our ego is dominant and fear has gotten in the way, and we're living more on a path of limitation, habitual patterns versus living into our destiny, then that reality naturally is going to be alternate from a reality whereby you're living into your greatest version of yourself.

0:02:32.8 Charlotte: And I think of it somewhat like snakes and ladders as a metaphor. The game you may have played when you were younger, so in any given moment and I mean, split second, we can have a change of thought, making an alternative choice which changes our perception, perception then can shift us from being in one reality again to simplify, being in a lower self therefore on lower path reality and shift pivot to the higher path, and that reality is already there waiting to happen, it's not something that isn't already in existence, it's just not being experienced in the physical, and that then brings about the discussion of quantum physics.

0:03.33.2 Charlotte: But when working with clients and working with helping them become more wholesome, more in union with higher and lower self, embracing the lower self, that then allows them to have a more holistic understanding of the different pathways in which they can walk on the higher or the lower path. Again, its simplification and the different realities that exist, the possibilities, potentials on either of those paths, and those parallel lives are existing at the same time.

0:04:13.8 Charlotte: Often we meet people who they themselves are living parallel lives, and so then you get the crossover as well, which becomes extremely fascinating. It's quite phenomenal, not unlike a matrix.

Multiple potentials running parallel
The compass of higher and lower self
Snakes & ladders of perception
Physics of choice and reality
Unifying our higher and lower selves
The cross over of parallel lives
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