A String of Pearls

Letting Go

February 27, 2023 Charlotte Fryer Episode 24
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00:00:54 Charlotte: When we live into the belief that we have control over more than our thoughts, our beliefs and our choices, then we fall prey to living in delusion. The more we think we can control, especially when it comes to other people, when it comes to outcomes, the more disempowered we become. Control, not unlike power is seductive and it's trickery.

00:01:28 Charlotte: If you grew up in environments where you felt that you had to have control to be safe or to have control to be able to sustain a sense of perfectionism, because anything less than being perfect was not worthy, then you're living a life that is extremely dehydrated, your life becomes rigid, it becomes very narrow, everything is micro-managed, and the life gets sucked right out of every experience because you are constantly looking to keep the shape of your world, even the thoughts and feelings of other people fitting to a very specific narrative. It's like being a director of a movie that can only go a certain way, and whilst that continues to happen over the course of the years, the soul, it slowly starts to die off because it's not hydrated.

00:02:48 Charlotte: When we grasp at things, when we don't allow enough room around something, that something, whether it's a person or a material object or even a concept, that thing, it doesn't have, do oxygen, it's not allowed to breathe, therefore, it's lost its porous nature, it's no longer absorbent, it's not receiving the chemistry that it needs to adapt, to reshape, to further express itself, to evolve, to become anew and so everything is so stagnant and there's absolutely nothing in the laws of nature that are indicative of stagnation. We are here to live, breathe, learn, remodel, die a death, be reborn.

00:03:58 Charlotte: And so, when working with people who have found themselves so wrapped, so tied up inside, because anything that's out of place or anything that they can't control, makes them panic. When working with those people, it's really meeting them where they are and looking at peeling those layers of delusion away and helping them to understand, not just on a conceptual level, but on a somatic level, that the more they grasp, the more they're actually killing off the very thing that they're trying to sustain.

 00:04:47 Charlotte: That if they slowly learn the art of letting go, which may very well take some time, especially if there's trauma involved in learning the art of letting go, they find a very surprising sense of comfort and relief that comes about because in allowing room, not only are you alchemizing a situation by allowing creation itself in the universe to support that reality, but you are no longer feeling responsible for having to sustain everything alone, and the mind starts to have, again, more room to breathe, to consider, to think, and letting go is something that is absolutely essential for any of us to be able to be in alignment with our ultimate purpose.

00:06:00 Charlotte: If we assume we know how things need to be, therefore controlling everything, then we're cutting ourselves off from connecting to any alternative insight that is 9 times out of 10, gonna be far more accurately designed to fulfil a purposeful life, one that can be sustained without control because it's real, it's authentic.


Delusion of Control
Squeezing the life out of potential, grasping in desperation
Going against the grain of nature, the cycle of change and adaptation
Working with delusion and redirecting energies towards freedom
Releasing responsibility to a greater source of wisdom
The gifts that come from allowing alternative outcomes to unfold