A String of Pearls

The Gifts of Vulnerability

March 07, 2023 Charlotte Fryer Episode 25
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Vulnerability is where the lives wires exist, where the truth sits, and where we become intimate with the power of authentic insight. 

00:00:54  Charlotte: As humans we have a tendency to over-complicate things, thinking that living more purposefully or in greater happiness is something that can't be attained, that it's too hard of a work or unrealistic in nature. And the irony is that nature provided us in its intrinsic design everything that we need not only to survive, but to thrive.

00:01:26  Charlotte: Nature's design is whole and complete. It is man's need for more over time that has created layers upon layers of infrastructure that then needs to be managed and maintained, sustained, and that takes us away from the stillness and the quiet.

00:01.53  Charlotte: And when it comes to healing, the same rule applies, is people walk in and they have their that circumstances that are very real for them at that time, stresses. The stresses of, again, sustaining a lifestyle, and the emphasis can be more on the external world. How can I live a bigger, a better or more organized life? And this can be a diversion from what really matters, which is not living bigger or more organized, but about identifying what is perhaps unnecessary and re-thinking the entire system. Instead of changing the wheel, really coming back to center and getting real clear internally and getting still.

00:02.56. Charlotte: And when you do that, you find that at the base of self, of all of us, regardless of gender, age, social economic status, we are extremely vulnerable. And it's that vulnerability that we avoid, some far more than others, but to be vulnerable is to be exposed. And for many that can be extremely uncomfortable.

00:03:26.  Charlotte: And yet the vulnerability, again, vulnerability being that base layer, part of the original design. We were made in perfect likeness of what I believe to be consciousness. And vulnerability, although yes, it's exposing and it's raw, that's where the live wires exist.

 00:03:51. Charlotte: Vulnerability is also where we can attain, receive the most profound insights. Vulnerability, given it is a raw live wire, that's why where the truth sits and where our sensitivity is the most attuned. It's where we can formulate the deeper connections, get extremely intimate with our authenticity.

00.04.21.  Charlotte:  And again, life's irony is that here we are as a people, mostly externally focused on how we can build bigger or better. And yet if we were to look more toward our inner similarity, it's our commonality which is our vulnerability, then there would be a much greater sense of oneness versus separatism.

The unnecessary instinct to over complicate things
Living pitched forward despite the abundance in natures pure design
Redirecting the hunt for more from the external to the internal wheel of self
Getting intimate with the base of self
Stripping down to the live wires of vulnerability
Absorbing the nutrients of previously unforeseen insights
Integrating the gifts of vulnerability towards oneness vs. seperatism