A String of Pearls


March 13, 2023 Charlotte Fryer Episode 25
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The seduction of power and its hidden draw away from natures balance. 

00:00:54 Charlotte: What does it mean to be powerful, to have power? To some people power means the ability to attain, to gather, to influence and in part, the idea that the more one can attain, the more influence one can have. And in that there can be a seductive draw towards the unfortunate distortion that when one can, from a seemingly superior platform, shape and model the world, then there's a greater distance between them and the laws of nature, that somehow convinces the ego that there is a moat around the castle per se, for want of a metaphor. That the laws of nature that of loss and permanence, aging, helplessness are out of distance, out of reach.

00:02.03  Charlotte: And it's always quite shocking for those people that have an unfortunate relationship with power to come up against unforeseen circumstances that are simply part of the laws of nature, and their inability to accept and or navigate through those changes they become crisis struck.  And so one's relationship with power and how it's held is incredibly important. If it's coming from ego, and about control and separatism, then that's a sure way to strip yourself of empowerment, like true empowerment.

 00:02:57  Charlotte: If you're coming from higher self, higher self being the best version of who it is that we are, with the intention to create, power then is, think of it as the fuel, the gasoline behind choices, behind intention. I think of power and help people understand that power is not to be used as a means to, so called overcome something with will.

00:03:37 Charlotte: Power can and is most effectively utilised as the force, the source, the impetus behind an idea. One has an idea, one has an aspiration, and it's in the mind, it's conceived in the mind or through the senses. And then the power, it's the driver that brings those ideas into being and is the source of sustainability of those same ideas.

00:04.16 Charlotte: And when the relationship with power is more of an empowerment, then that keeps things more equalised and it is an invite to a shared experience versus a separatism, whereby one is more powerful than the other. It really aids in living more into a collective. Again, a shared experience where we can be equals.

00:04.57  Charlotte: It's always about the relationship, the intentionality that we're having behind any given characteristic of self, most especially that of power that determines the health and wellness of our reality.

The seduction of power and its hidden draw away from natures balance
False power leaves you stranded in wake of unforeseen circumstances
Aligning your power with the source of creative intention
Working with the alchemy of power to birth and sustain contribution
Directing power towards natures balance of unification vs. manmade separatism
Power is a gift, its the relationship we have with it that determines its value