A String of Pearls


March 16, 2023 Charlotte Fryer Episode 26
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Miracles are the act of our relationship with consciousness. Miracles intervene the deepest of fears by alchemizing it with love.

00:00:54:  Charlotte: Miracles are happening every single minute of the day, and the fact that we're alive in of itself is a miracle. I've witnessed and experienced firsthand many miracles in my life. I have zero doubt of them.

00:01.09: Charlotte: If I was to surmise what a miracle is, difficult to do, but I would say that miracles are when love overcomes fear, when fear is at its most heightened and love overcomes that. Those moments are extraordinary. You can have all circumstances working against you, you could have situation scenarios where the odds are so unlikely, and even one's state of mind in that real heavy negativity and doubt to be just almost despairing, and yet all of a sudden in a nanosecond, something shifts and something alchemizes the situation.

00:02:19:  Charlotte: And that little something, it can be something within you, that kernel of love that comes through, that hope, that ability to imagine that there is something bigger than us, that there is something not only bigger than us, but something that is holding us, something that is far greater than our imagination and that everything, even though it looks completely to the contrary, that everything is gonna be alright, and when that shift occurs, for no apparent reason, that shift then changes the entire shape of the circumstances and the experience.

 00:03:09: Charlotte: And suddenly light flows in and love then illuminates what has been heavy and dark, and sometimes that elemental love is not just an internal thing, it's something of an intervention that occurs from consciousness itself, and that is equally powerful. I don't believe that they exist in a vacuum.

00:03.40: Charlotte: Often it is a convergence of both, because we are having a relationship with love on an elemental level at all times and love is consciousness, and miracles are the act of that relationship.

00:03.57: Charlotte: And I don't know how anyone can walk through this world without having been witness to a miracle or allowing themselves to believe in them, because without that, what is the? Miracles, it's the very thing that makes this world make sense.

Everyday miracles
What is a miracle?
All it takes is a kernel of hope
The power of divine intervention
The acts of our relationship with consciousness
Walk with miracles and the world makes sense